As a follow-up to the announcement of the Chancellor of Diponegoro University Number 2 / UN7.A1 / KM / I / 2023, we hereby convey matters related to the transfer of Health Service Facilities to the Diponegoro I Primary Clinic for students class of 2020 and 2021. Complete information is available. Download Here

The stages in transferring Health Service Facilities are:

1. Transfer health facilities through JKN Mobile

  • Prepare your BPJS number, cellphone number and active email (for those who don’t have an account)
  • Download the JKN Mobile Application
  • Login and Select Participant Data Change Menu
  • Click the arrow image on the level 1 health facility, Diponegoro Primary Clinic 1

2. Report the results of the transfer of Health Facilities via SSO by:

  • Login SSO with each student account
  • Select FORM Application
  • Choose Form Move Health Facilities

3. Upload a statement via the page:

In the event that students experience problems in transferring Health Facilities, they can contact the Helpdesk service at Hello UNDIP