Following up on a letter from the Executive Director of the Indonesian Human Capital Forum (FHCI) number 0896/M/PRO.00.12/FHCI03/VIII/2022 dated August 8, 2022 regarding the Request for Data on Availability of Internship Students (PMMB) Batch II Year 2022, here is our information on the terms of the internship :

  1. Students who are interested in internships must meet the following requirements:
    • D2/D3/D4/S1/S2 students,
    • Minimum semester 5 (D3) and semester 6 (D4/S1)
    • Physical and mental health,
    • Not Demanding to become a permanent employee (Non Pre-Recruitment),
    • Willing to carry out internship activities in the company for a minimum of 6 months.
    • Complete the required documents, namely: Integrity Pact, Permit, Letter of Recommendation, CV, transcript, and Student Identity Card
  2. Students are requested to pay attention to the required data as attached
  3. Students who are interested and meet the requirements can apply via this page maximum 18 August 2022



Integrity Pact


Letters of Recommendation