Based on a letter from the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research and Technology number: 5938/E2/KM.01.01/2023 dated 18 September 2023 and Minutes of Internal Selection for Indonesian Student Entrepreneurship Colleges (KMI) Expo XIV 2023 which was held on 26 September 2023, we hereby announce the results of the Internal Selection as follows:

No Name of Business Group Business Stages Business Category Status
1. Frudy Eboost Beginning Food and Drink Not Passed
2. ZEAFEED Turning Corn Waste into Profit Beginning Cultivation Passed
3. CollaCare Collagen Tablets from Bone Waste and Mujair Scales as a Skin Lightening Supplement Beginning Manufacturing and Applied Technology Passed
4. Frobiyogert Innovations Frozen Yogurt With Beetroot Extract Using Liquid Nitrogen Technology Grow Food and Drink Passed
5. Handayat Creative Muslim Digital Agency Grow Services and Trade Passed
6. Domino Edu Flashcard Interactive Learning Media to Increase Elementary School Students’ Knowledge of Learning Materials Grow Services and Trade Not Passed
7. Fun Activity Book Beginning Creative Industries, Arts, Culture and Tourism Not Passed
8. Amerta Craft Innovations in Using Used Paper as an Effort to Utilize Zero Waste Beginning Creative Industries, Arts, Culture and Tourism Passed
9. Sea Design Marketplace Print on Demand Costum Based Fashion Submit Freelance Creator Beginning Digital Business Passed
10. Tip3 Web3 Tipping Platform with Cryptocurrencies Grow Digital Business Not Passed

The team that was declared to have passed immediately prepared everything to become a Diponegoro University delegate in the KMI Expo XIV 2023 activities.